Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Easier to Destroy

I have just been doing some thinking.  So my new class has a 30page paper due in 4 weeks.  What can I do in Eve with so little play time?

I can go FW, fly a stealth bomber solo gank, or do some quick exploding.  What I can't do is maintain an industry.  Manage my research lines, production lines, material shipments, and build.

Simply, destroying is easier than building.  I can blow up a ship that took hours/days to build in minutes.  

So what to do?  Build of course.  Some people take the easy route, me I like the difficult path it's more rewarding.  I will probably have to import some reactions, ore, minerals, and components.  Most I will construct.  When the class is done, I will be better off for it.

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