Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Two Months

I started Eve two months ago.  Like most things I do, I went full steam ahead.  In that time I have listened to over 50 podcasts, read over 100 articles and made myself as knowledgeable about as many mechanics as I could.

Some I learned the hard way (lost a Condor scanning anom and a corpie asked me why I wasn't cloaked - now I cloak).  Most I got to read through the community.

I joined a corp about 2 weeks in.  They were kinda nervous as they were just wardec'd.  Partially because I may have been a spy, and partially I think because they thought I would killed.

War dec, and 2 Low sec moves across the map I am still there.  Lost some ships, but I learn from each encounter, so overall happy.

The "community" is interesting though.  A lot of the podcasters and bloggers talk about the "community" but I think they forget that any change to something affects everyone else. 

For example; Sugarkyle is a CSM focusing on Lowsec.  One of the articles posted says basically "I don't know abouy null so I don't comment much". Over at Themittani there is a similar article that says "If you don't know about Null, then you shouldn't give input".  Horse****.  If a mechanic affected Lowsec such as "No Supers in Low", it would have an affect on Nulls power projection. 

All of the different space is interconnected.  I have been playing 2 months and I can see that.  Hell the current WH distance change affects not just WH space.  I have heard/read a complaint from WH that it is harder to roll the hole to find fights.  If they get a bad system, because either a)there is no one there or b)there is a bigger enemy they want to roll it to select a different system.
So in scenario a.)they can, just may take a few min.  Scenario b.) dangerous to do.  But really the complaint is; we will have risk of opening to bigger people, when we only want to engage equal or smaller groups.  Bet the smaller groups would prefer that only equal or smaller groups could engage them.....

A lot of times people only see what is good for them.  Not the consequences of that on others. 

So to those who think you shouldn't talk about WH or Null or Low or High if you don't live there, remember it is all interconnected.   And to those who think only of their small piece, take a moment to see that you request affects other areas and probably what is good for you, isn't good for them.  

Then find the balance in it.