Monday, September 29, 2014

Read the SoV Null agreement.

Not bad, I can see the value of occupqncy SoV.

However the affect on Low Sec is what concerns me.  I would like LS to be able to accomidate 50 - 100 people as well.  It would make Low a lot more attractive and give places for smaller corps to grow. 

Speaking of growing in Low Sec.  There is a fundamental flaw in Ship Construction.  Super Capitals can enter (and over a dozen did last Friday) but they can't be built there.   It really should be "Ships can be built where they can be flown".  I don't really care which way it goes, either add Super construction to Low, or remove Supers from Low, but it makes logical sense that either they are allowed or not. 

Lets see, other than a bunch of Supers jumpibg into system things were fairly quiet.  We did get a C3 hole connect and I got some Corpmates to test it out.  We ran a few combat sites. 

I finally finishes CPU 5.  Omg that was painfull.  6 days of no development is terrible at under 5M SP.  Fortunately it makes my Strat amazing.  Speaking of the Strat, I found out that combat probe scanning str is half of core probes.  Felt completely foolish for not checking attributes.

Updates again soon.

1 month later

I need to post more often.  I deleted the original on accident before posting it.  Hopefully I will get it right this time.

So we have been in Irmalin for a little over a month.  We have set up a couple PoS's and a POCO.  That was a new experience, and entertaining.   I did see the issue with structure hit points.  Of course I assume a cruiser then battlecruiser probably aren't the optimal ships to use, but they are optimal for me so I do what I can.

Lets see, fought a 1v1.  Cruiser vs Cruiser.  I didn't die, and my opponent had 9x my SP.  They had T2 weapons and modules.  I had some T2 modules, but survived and made them rep enough they had to turn their scram off.   Benefit of fighting in your home system is safe spots. Anyway not dying I am not counting as a loss.  And I learned a lot.

I learn a lot from every fight.  Probably because I have a lot to learn.

Had another meetup.  Met a couple new people from different Corps.  Have a few offers, but my Corp is getting better and my corpmates are really cool when I make mistakes. So I am staying, and hoping it gets better.