Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Easier to Destroy

I have just been doing some thinking.  So my new class has a 30page paper due in 4 weeks.  What can I do in Eve with so little play time?

I can go FW, fly a stealth bomber solo gank, or do some quick exploding.  What I can't do is maintain an industry.  Manage my research lines, production lines, material shipments, and build.

Simply, destroying is easier than building.  I can blow up a ship that took hours/days to build in minutes.  

So what to do?  Build of course.  Some people take the easy route, me I like the difficult path it's more rewarding.  I will probably have to import some reactions, ore, minerals, and components.  Most I will construct.  When the class is done, I will be better off for it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time reduction

Started a new class yesterday.  It is going to cut into play time.  I am not sure if that is good or bad. 

I will still be able to train all my skills, but it may make my ISK goals a little more challenging. 

I have all my production set up, and designed.  Just doing some ME/TE now, making sure everything is under Nov 4th so my slots will all be avaiable. 

I need to set up Moars PI.  It isnt as advanved as Minervas but can supliment it well. 

Went on a gate camp.  Omg, I don't understand how people can do it...  Its more boring than anything ever.  If I want a fight, just shoot a structure until someone comes, or join FW.  Either one is almost guaranteed. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I set myself some goals yesterday.  Wrote them down, and will keep marching towards them.

For my main, I set a few 3 month and 6 month goals.  The 3 month goals, I want to fly Amarr Interceptors, & Stealth bombers.  I want to keep my Proph at 70k EHP, and up it to 400dps.  And I want to get to 500m.  All of these are doable.  The Frig training will take a month, and so will the Proph, so I should still have a month to play around with.  The isk goal is kinda strange.  But I have bought a lot of ships recently (up to 3 active frigs, 2 active dessie, 4 active cruisers, 3 active BC, and 1 BS).  So I am getting space poor.  I want to build back up for a bit. 

For Min, my miner/indy alt, I am 1 week from DST & BR (9 days but yea).  I just started playing with PI, finished my lastest round of BPO purchasing, and have stockpiled couple ships.  Her goals are refining all ore types in system to 3, Ice Refining to 4, and frieghters.  Can't actually fit it all as the freighter skill is a couple days over but the 6 month is a JF.  Again I have an isk goal for her 3B.   This is because of course I am going to need a lot to get a JF and this is a part way point. The last piece is reducing the station tax (either through a POS or through standing).

I finish my degree in 8 months.  Part of these goals are because of when I am done with school, I want options of what to do.  And I want to have and provide Logistic services for me and the corp.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Growing, Large Alliances stop by,

Two parts of growing really.  The Corp is growing, and my toons are growing.  Both in significant ways.

We are growing, we added 4 more active pilots.  The Anoms in system are now regularly cleared in groups and we have been expanding next door.  This is awesome!! 

We have always had BL in the area.  Kadeshi move 15-20 supers in a while back.  Now we have 50-80ish N3 in Gehi.  And a guy from TEST shot at our DST.  Only 1 TEST guy so we invited him to leave. 

Hmm what else, learned a bit more about T2 and PI.  One of the people that show to our local meetup is a WH guy and walked me through it.  T2, I have chosen to focus on specific things.  About 5 items really, mostly Armor/Drone items.  Outside of that I will dabble in other things only if I have time.  I have heard there is going to be return of some datacores on failure come Pheobie.  So no invention will happen before then. Minerva is a little over 1 week from flying a DST or BR.  Omg, soo looking forward to that. Next project is to figure out what area to supply to. 

Flying a Prophecy fairly regularly atm.  Good ship, and I like that I can use either missles or guns.  I need some drone skills, but I am all caught up on my Fleet reqs, so that and interceptors are next on Moars list.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mitigating Risk

I use ECM to break scrams.  I use warp core stabalizers on my Procurer in Low.  I use a scout during transport.  I mitigate risk.

The other day, someone told me I was a "cheating".  This was in regards to my ECM drones.  I asked them why, and they said because ECM was broke (as they were in their Ishtar).  I asked if he had ECCM? Of course he said no, its stupid to use ECCM.  Apparently, not if he had he might have gotten a kill instead of whining.

I moved a Myrm down to Low, fitting it Shield tank and 6 Stabs.  When I was hit with 2 scrams from a gate camp, they called me a pu$$y for fitting stabs.  Five vs. One, really that is being manly?

I dont know why I was surprised.  We live in an entitled society.  This was really just a symptom of that.  "I am entitled to kill you, and ruin your day, but you are mean and a bad player/person/cheater if you use things to get out of my CERTAIN kill."

I now revel in their tears.  Not because they are suffering, but because of the irony that they have them after attempting to inflict them.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Attack recruiting

We had some people in system last Thursday, I was in class but the rest of the corp spent 30 min looking for them and they left. 

One was back insystem Friday evening.  I found him in a site and engaged. I lost, but came back in a pvp ship instead of my pve ship (whoops).  He started too far away for me point and we traded blows at 40k or so before he warped off. 

We talked after and talked about him and his buddy joining.  I have no authority and they wanted to talk about it amongst themselves.  But one of our diplomats came on and gave them temp blue status.  The understanding they would decide before the end of the weekend.

His buddy was on later and invited people to Mission.  The rest of the corp is not vey trusting and have more expensive ships.  Me I am either too new to know better or less caring if I get screwed so I accepted.

Was good fun, talked to him a bit, both of us lost a ship to NPC's, and neither cared.  He and his friend all have been playing about 6 months.
Spent most of the weekend writing a paper that was due, so hopped on Sunday afternoon/eve.  Some of the older players were jonesing to shoot them because they hadnt decided yet.  Was crazy, its not like we are always fleeting together that 2-5 more players wouldnt help.   They had a reasonable deadline, no sense rushing it.

I wasnt on all night, but by the time I get home tonight it will be decided.  I hope I have new/more people to fly with.

Monday, October 6, 2014

First roam

So we took out a 4 ship cruiser roam.  I have never been on a roam and they asked me to lead it....  The group explained scouting to me, and I jumped into a system.  There was an Ishtar on D scan in there, so I flew to a belt and started ratting as bait.   No luck so we jumped a few more. 

Another pilot popped up.  I warped to station to see if he was docked. And he popped on Scan as I warped.  He jumped through to my waiting corpmates, and... it was an Ishtar.  Two of them engaged but no webs.  So it burned back to gate and jumped through, along with one of ours.  I warp back to gate, but land on grid as Ishtar leaves.  But he left 5 Garde so i scoop them and the other 2 corpmates jump in. 

Then the Ishtar warps back, along with a VNI.  We are out gunned at this point but worse that happens is we loose some Vexors.  It then goes from bad to worse, we are all disorganized.  I am the only Vexor with a MWD so only applicable keep up with the two targets to web/scram.  The others are shooting drones, to keep the damage down. A third enemy drops on grid with an Ishtar. I close, but it becomes clear we are way out of our league.  I call for retreat, but I have closed and am pointed.  The rest of the team gets to safe spot, and I get exploded, and dock.  At which point 5 more hostiles hit system.

I got a chance to talk to the team and ask what I could have done better, and talk about what we could do better.  We should have had a 2k+ km tackle.  We should have hit the VNI. We could have run some better fits. Other than that we were just out gunned.  Loss, 1 insured Vexor, or about 3M, for some fun, and a  good learning experience worth every penny.

Looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oceanus, Consolidation, and Supers

First Oceanus is out.  Nerf to missle damage was irritating, but not too worrisome.  The Industry Interface can be resized (a little) which is nice.  Hopefully that will continue to be worked on.

The active members of the Corp consolidated into another corp in the alliance.  This is a positive change, and things are workibg better.  Having your CEO log in once a month for an hour was terrible.

Still no one can give me a better answer on why Supers are allowed in Low, but can't be produced there other than - "to give SoV Null something".  Terrible answer, the power difference is so significant between Supers and regular Caps what that answer really means is "to let SoV Null bully everyone else if they want too".  I guess I will figure out a way to propose it to CCP.