Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's been a while

So it has been nearly a year.  I took some time off for health an returned sbout 5 months ago.  I have been much more casual.

Not a lot has changed.  Some small leadership changes.  Some moons lost and retaken.  A few people moving alts/clones to a freehold.

I am looking forward to citadels.  I have a cap pilot and a T3 Cruiser.   But I still run Gilas, but I am not scared of loosing them anymore. 

While I have been casual, I am considering ramping up time to grind isk.  I would love a Medium Cit BPO when it comes out (and the rigs/module plans).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Caps Hold Gate Cloak"

So hearing "Caps hold gate cloak" wasn't too strange for me.  We didn't fly Caps a lot and the rest of that sentance was normal.  But to our Cap pilots it was clearly hysterical as TS became a tide of laughter and "omg that just happened".   Phoebie certainly had an effect, and for all the pre complaints I heard from our Cap pilots, I haven't heard any recently.  They get to fly them, and that alone has outweighed any pain of Jump Fatigue.

On another note, I didn't get to my 30 items goal.  I got to 23 but also restocked a bunch of personal items.  A consistant 30 should be the norm by this weekend.  Its mostly armor/shield modules; soon to add drones and their modules.  From there not sure, maybe a weapon system.  Ships take a ton of minerals, so those will be slow, and a long way off.

Alliance/Corp; Change is the name of this game.  The Alliance has added 2 corps.  Our Corp has added 5 new members.  And It has been a welcome change.  There are people on regularly, and the word is out that I build. I have had a couple requests which is nice.

I am happy with my progress, with the corp/alliance.  So far Phoebie is a huge success.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend plans

Maybe dumb to post early but meh.

I am thinking of scanning down a ton of sites, clearing the tar out of them with Moar.  For Min, she is going to indy/mine her little heart out.   I am hoping to get 30 sell orders up this weekend. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


So Phoebie is here.  I should have stocked up on datacores.  Oops.  I ran out, and my BR is 4 days from being ready.  No rush though my play time is limited. 

I did get in on for about an hour Tuesday evening.  The alliance was reinforcing a ton of stuff.  I joined that and then heaed out to class.  Most of it comes out of reinforce Thursday, my other class day. 

Still the only one who cant fly a Battleship.  I could have fixed that but working on T2 instead.  Which the new skill que is qmazing for.  I do still need to inject a new skill in about three weeks, but not worried about it. 

So far, happy with Phoebie (well except medium armor rep still needed a data interface).

Monday, November 3, 2014

DST - achievment unlocked

So my miner/indy got her DST yesterday morning.  Then I had to wait 6 hours to finish training some basic fittings. 

Picked up the ship, fit it nicely and added some items into the cargo.  Checked with Corp to see if anyone needed anything.  Picked up 52k total in stuff and flew home. 

First thoughts were it moves slow.  Then I realised I did not have skills to reduce rigging penalties nor the armor plate mass.  Oops.  It should move a lot better next time.

The capacity is amazing.  It certainly will fit nicely in our supply logistics.   Our corp is coming together well on the supply side.  We have a JF pilot coming online next week, which frees up our current to fly Caps, we have 3 DST/BR pilots.  Plenty to cover our growing corp.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Easier to Destroy

I have just been doing some thinking.  So my new class has a 30page paper due in 4 weeks.  What can I do in Eve with so little play time?

I can go FW, fly a stealth bomber solo gank, or do some quick exploding.  What I can't do is maintain an industry.  Manage my research lines, production lines, material shipments, and build.

Simply, destroying is easier than building.  I can blow up a ship that took hours/days to build in minutes.  

So what to do?  Build of course.  Some people take the easy route, me I like the difficult path it's more rewarding.  I will probably have to import some reactions, ore, minerals, and components.  Most I will construct.  When the class is done, I will be better off for it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time reduction

Started a new class yesterday.  It is going to cut into play time.  I am not sure if that is good or bad. 

I will still be able to train all my skills, but it may make my ISK goals a little more challenging. 

I have all my production set up, and designed.  Just doing some ME/TE now, making sure everything is under Nov 4th so my slots will all be avaiable. 

I need to set up Moars PI.  It isnt as advanved as Minervas but can supliment it well. 

Went on a gate camp.  Omg, I don't understand how people can do it...  Its more boring than anything ever.  If I want a fight, just shoot a structure until someone comes, or join FW.  Either one is almost guaranteed.