Monday, November 3, 2014

DST - achievment unlocked

So my miner/indy got her DST yesterday morning.  Then I had to wait 6 hours to finish training some basic fittings. 

Picked up the ship, fit it nicely and added some items into the cargo.  Checked with Corp to see if anyone needed anything.  Picked up 52k total in stuff and flew home. 

First thoughts were it moves slow.  Then I realised I did not have skills to reduce rigging penalties nor the armor plate mass.  Oops.  It should move a lot better next time.

The capacity is amazing.  It certainly will fit nicely in our supply logistics.   Our corp is coming together well on the supply side.  We have a JF pilot coming online next week, which frees up our current to fly Caps, we have 3 DST/BR pilots.  Plenty to cover our growing corp.

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