Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Caps Hold Gate Cloak"

So hearing "Caps hold gate cloak" wasn't too strange for me.  We didn't fly Caps a lot and the rest of that sentance was normal.  But to our Cap pilots it was clearly hysterical as TS became a tide of laughter and "omg that just happened".   Phoebie certainly had an effect, and for all the pre complaints I heard from our Cap pilots, I haven't heard any recently.  They get to fly them, and that alone has outweighed any pain of Jump Fatigue.

On another note, I didn't get to my 30 items goal.  I got to 23 but also restocked a bunch of personal items.  A consistant 30 should be the norm by this weekend.  Its mostly armor/shield modules; soon to add drones and their modules.  From there not sure, maybe a weapon system.  Ships take a ton of minerals, so those will be slow, and a long way off.

Alliance/Corp; Change is the name of this game.  The Alliance has added 2 corps.  Our Corp has added 5 new members.  And It has been a welcome change.  There are people on regularly, and the word is out that I build. I have had a couple requests which is nice.

I am happy with my progress, with the corp/alliance.  So far Phoebie is a huge success.

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