Wednesday, November 5, 2014


So Phoebie is here.  I should have stocked up on datacores.  Oops.  I ran out, and my BR is 4 days from being ready.  No rush though my play time is limited. 

I did get in on for about an hour Tuesday evening.  The alliance was reinforcing a ton of stuff.  I joined that and then heaed out to class.  Most of it comes out of reinforce Thursday, my other class day. 

Still the only one who cant fly a Battleship.  I could have fixed that but working on T2 instead.  Which the new skill que is qmazing for.  I do still need to inject a new skill in about three weeks, but not worried about it. 

So far, happy with Phoebie (well except medium armor rep still needed a data interface).

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